• Hamid Modjtahed (Modjtahedi Sindhi) love for Indus River

    I love the whole universe and I always want to spread love and kindness. I believe this has come from my teachers Bagher Khan Modjtahedi and Adbulghadeer khan Sindi who always wanted everyone to love the whole universe. Bagher Khan Modjtahedi believed Indus river is pure love and kindness as all rivers in the world. They go through the land and give reviving source of love and kindness, sweet water, to anything and anyone on their way. That is why I love Indus River too.

    Indus River is the source of not water but life in not only Sindh but South Asia. Wherever it goes you see the land gets happy and animal and human feel lively and that is the way it send its love and kindness through its course wherever it goes.

    Bagher khan Modjtahedi said Bobeck Khan Sindhu wrote: “…O son of Indus Valley Civilization, do you know who am I?” said Sindhu. Following an unusual whisper, having lost my head, because of feeling giddy and still being sleepy, I could not respond to the whisper I heard. A smoky, muddy watery image started to occasionally appear and disappear in front of my eyes. It almost seemed infinite in its magnitude. Having known the helplessness within me, the whisper again continued.

    And here Bobeck khan explain to Hamid Modjtahed the love and Indus river: “Relax, remain in your bed and listen. People of Sindh, Pakistan call me Sindhu (One of the names for River Indus). I am a thousands-years old river with thousands of names in several regions of Asia including Tibet, Northern India, Lake Mansarover, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, Giligit, Baltistan and the Arabian Sea. I have a total drainage area exceeding 1,165,000 km2. I have an annual flow of around 207 km3. Out of all the names given to me, I love the one and only that is, ‘Sindhu’. The love with the name exists since my existence and journey of thousands of miles ends up here in Sindh, the land of peace. ‘Sindhu’ makes me all smiles and in return I spread smiles for indigenous people there.”

    love this look toward Indus river as a loving creature and I love this way of teaching children while they not only learn geography but also how to love and be kind and also poetry.

    Hamid Modjtahed sindhi loves Indus river for this and wants to be like Indus river to speed love and kindness wherever he goes. Hamid Modjtahed shall spread love from Karachi to York and beyond.

    I love everyone and all universe.

    • Wonderful healthy eater
  • Healthy eating


    I would like to write about healthy eating and what it means to me. There may be many different definition of healthy eating. Some may think of a healthy diet when they hear about healthy eating. Some may think of healthy eating habits. Some may consider is much broader meaning for eating that would encompass all you consume.

    People may chose different diets for different reasons. One common diet that is considered healthy by many is a vegetarian diet. Many people choose a no meat or vegan ( toning from animals) diet for its health benefits.

    Some people may have coronary or metabolic diseases and they’ve heard these diets can help manage those conditions. You can definitely improve your cholesterol levels, ( lower your LDL [low-density lipoprotein] cholesterol or as it’s sometimes called the ‘bad cholesterol’ ) because vegetables do not contain cholesterol.

    Although people with  coronary artery disease need to combine a vegan or vegetarian diet with other treatment

    strategies such as stress management and physical activity and weight loss.

    However, it is not just the diet itself but also what are your eating habits. When you eat and how much you eat and even how you eat it. A healthy eating encompasses all of that and even more. All of this should be delicately balanced considering all different aspects of your life.

    That is why I see healthy eating as something much broader than a diet or eating habit. It is the way you live, the way you guide yourself through all your life challenges and throughout all your say to day activities.

    What you consume is not just what you eat. The air you breath which contains the oxygen your body uses to burn the food you have consumed. Also what you consume for your mind and your spirit. It all matters . You cannot really even stick to a particular diet if mentally and spiritually you have not prepared yourself for it.

    I’m Sindhi culture it is a very old and established principle that you should watch out for what you eat and what you eat for many people from Sindh is actually whatever your body, mind, and spirit consume/

    so I want to help everybody way healthy and live healthy.

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  • Love and Kindness Always return back to you (by Hamid Modjtahed)

    • Wonderful healthy eater
  • Love and Kindness Always return back to you (by Hamid Modjtahed)

    We sometimes hear some sayings and find them nice but we just do not ponder on them enough to get the deeper meaning of them.

    Science has made great progress during last centuries, however, there are many fundamental mechanism in the world that are not even lightly touched by scientists . Probably because they fall out of the realm of science and repeatable experiments. so although such mechanisms constitute the most reliable principles in our world, science would not evaluate them as reliable and thus they are ignored by many for this reason.

    One principle is that in this word all your actions return back to you but particularly love and kindness get back to you. If someone did something vice or bad, they should expect to get back something vice and bad in return unless they redeem the bad before it is too late. However, if someone does an act of love and kindness in this world, that act grows and the universe multiplies this act and it gets back to that initiating person in multiple quantities and higher qualities.

    I have experienced this principle many and many times and you can also easily experience that. No matter you live in India or Pakistan or United Kingdom or Irland, whenever you experience hardship, start doing act of love and kindness toward the people and universe in more frequency than before. Believe it that very very soon those small acts of kindness and love multiply exponentially and get back to you in unimaginable ways and you suddenly realize that all the hardship is gone.

    I hope it is useful. Hamid Modjtahed is a humble follower of kindness and love and loves everyone from everwhere. Also thanks to abdulghadeer khan for wisdom he taught me on this subject.

    hamid modjtahed sindhu love and mojtahed karachd

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  • Healthy Sindhi recipes

    I only do what makes me happy. and only helping other for the sake of God and Goodness makes me happy. so I want to do the best I know. what I best know is that healthy eating and healthy living are inseparable.

    I think for good healthy eating you always need healthy recipes and I know many healthy sindhi recipies . I have been from Karachi to York to realize that you have to eat healthy wherever you go.

    love and health

    hamid modjtahed karch mojtahed khumushi

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  • Amazing healthy eater hamid modjtahed kumar

    Hamid Modjtahed kumar (mojtahed kumasi) loves healthy eaters from anywhere around the globe and wants everyone to eat healthy and Sindhi recipes are good to start.

    • Wonderful healthy eater
  • Hamid Modjtahed

    A healthy eater with lots of Sindhi recipes wants to spread the word of healthy eating and healthy living from Karachi to York and Madagascar to Massachusetts and beyond because love is all and everyone should be loved.

    Eat healthy and live healthy and help me spread the word.


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